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heartfelt and powerful contemporary read
(Updated: March 08, 2021)
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AMERICAN BETIYA is a breathtaking contemporary read about identity, family, and racism. Rani is an Indian American with dreams of becoming a pediatrician, much to her parents' delight. She also loves photography, something her grandfather has nurtured in her, and the book begins with her art in a show. At the same show, her parents make sure she knows that their no dating policy continues- despite the cute guy with tattoos who is giving her the look.

Rani can't help but look back and is excited when Oliver asks her to join him for lunch at school the next day. As their relationship grows, Rani must make decisions about her family, secrecy, and the parts of her heritage she wants to embrace. Importantly, these decisions are her own and full of their own complexities, as she comes to realize.

What I loved: This book really captures the experience of Indian Americans including microaggressions and the ways that they may react to them as well as outright racism. The connecting with culture and defining yourself that POC immigrants and their descendants must do are also themes in this book that are captured really well in Rani's story. These were eye-opening and important to see.

The writing here is really powerful and enthralling. As Rani embarks on a relationship with Oliver, each step of the way, the reader feels the butterflies and the fear, both sides of the coin that eventually add up to a situation that is abusive and equally hard to separate. Rani feels these things, even when she cannot define them. She is an incredibly compelling character, and the writing wraps up the reader in her emotions and insights expertly.

Other themes including family, guilt, and friendship are all really thought-provoking. Rani is balancing her family and their expectations with her other desires, and I love the way that the family roles are ultimately settled. Rani also has a lot of guilt, not only from the current secrets, but also from what she feels that she failed to do for a friend in the past, with some important messages there. Additionally, Rani has a powerful friendship that shines through the story, and I loved the inclusion of such a friend. There are so many fantastic characters in the book throughout.

Final verdict: With important themes and powerful writing, AMERICAN BETIYA is a heartfelt, raw, and genuine YA contemporary that is certainly worth the read. Highly recommend for fans of MORE THAN JUST A PRETTY FACE, THERE'S SOMETHING ABOUT SWEETIE, and HOW IT ALL BLEW UP.
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