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Happy Easter Sunday! well, it's Monday already, but oh well! I'm so happy about this book!

let me dive in before I review. Stacey Kade has been one of my fave authors. she has done so many things that make a fangirl cry. but anyway, I sent her a paper craft that was a replica of the book cover of FOR THIS LIFE ONLY and a fan letter too. i was so relieved she liked it. she even showed it to social media which i wasn't expecting. she mentioned that she'll write back. but instead, she sent me a signed copy of her book for free! and I was crying for joy! she is just amazing!

ok! sorry, going back to the review. i've been looking forward to reading this but I haven't had a lot of time because I had other books that needs to be finished. So Lenten season came rolling in and I thought that this would be perfect to read for Holy Week. I always thought that this book was brave, that Stacey Kade was brave for sharing a book about religion. okay, I know... Christianity is not a diverse religion at all. and it's definitely not a minority. and there is a genre dedicated only to Christian romances and stuff like that. but this book is so much more. it's brave because it actually shares something about having a religion and actually live it fully.

I love the fact that doubt played a role in this book. I myself doubted it, but this book is not even so much about Christianity it's about being able to choose freely and being free from what life has shoved in you when you are born. this book also talks about family, friendship, and relationships. but it definitely talks about self-worth and whether to believe in yourself to choose what is right and wrong.

if you have self-doubt this book is definitely something I would hand to you.

I love the fact that this book offered so much more than the book description. After seeing where the book was headed, I was flipping through the pages like crazy and just made me want more!

and truthfully, that's the only thing I wanted: more. it felt it was cut short, it's partially open-ended, but it has a concrete ending.

I love the book. but there are two things I love most about it. One, is Jace's growth in the whole situation. And two, is Jace and Thera's love story! I swear! augh! they are crazy adorable! Thera seemed to be like Jace's manic pixie dream girl, but as you delve deeper into the story, she's not. She just understands Jace and it just grew more. I also love the fact the Thera is a badass and yeay feminist! haha!

crazy amazing book. i will treasure this book
not just because it was signed and the story how I got it is extraordinary, but also because it's a different view of how life is. and that view just spoke volumes to me.

p.s. i love the teenie tiny bit of a nod to The Ghost and the Goth trilogy.
Good Points
~ that book cover though ?
~ the plot is something you haven't seen in YA before (I meant the religion part)
~ talks about self-worth and doubt
~ so much more to offer than what the book description says
~ very special to me specifically
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