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Waste of Space
(Updated: February 10, 2017)
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A satirical look into a reality show set in Outer Space. Readers get a back seat into witnessing what really goes on behind the reality show Waste of Space, where ten teens are placed into a space ship and set off into space. Drama erupts along with a blurring between what is in fact 'real' and what is fake. The whole set is really set in the desert with shady producers and equally questionable scientists. The show is a huge hit but then something goes wrong. A glimpse into what happens when fake news slips it's grip on reality.

What worked: Damico nails the humor and satire of a reality show, only this time one that is supposed to be set in outer space. The story alternates between screenwriter's model and text. Readers see into what really goes on behind the scenes--product placement is HUGE. We also see into the characters that are chosen to be on the show. At first I got lost as there were too many to keep track of but once I did, the story hooked me.

Fast paced action and over the top drama with a huge dash of humor. I liked how much this story could apply to the prevalence of 'fake' vs. 'real' news that is going on in our country right now. I also like how we can see behind the scenes. Sure, some of the cast are stereotypes-like the homeschooled Evangelized girl, who escapes the harshness of her life with a Sci-fi reality; the over the top villain; the stoned hippy girl; the not too bright farmer boy; and others. But this is a satire, so all of this works. It doesn't stay there though with the twists and turns of the plot. Readers get a glimpse of a more sinister force going on behind the scenes. I liked how even the so-called cliches, turn out to be anything but that.

Fast ride through a reality show where not everything is what it seems. Great twist on the whole 'alternative facts' meets a reality show with a huge dollop of humor.
Good Points
1. Great twist on the whole 'alternative facts' meets Reality Show
2. Love Damico's humor
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