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Ashley’s story is a powerful, gripping tale of survival in the face of abuse
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Ashley has suffered in silence for six years. Terrorized by her stepfather and living with the knowledge that her mother doesn’t believe her, Ashley succumbs her breaking point when the abuse reaches an all time high. When child protective services places her with her biological father, whom she’s never even met, she begins a long road to recovery and healing.
This trilogy has been on my TBR for a while and I’ll be honest, it wasn’t high on my list. I’m guilty of judging a book by its cover, and this one just didn’t appeal to me. That was my mistake. I finished the first book in one day. It was that good. Something about Ashley’s story pulled me in from the very first page and I was compelled to follow and understand her journey to healing. I’ve been rooting for her the whole way.
So many wonderful things about Ashley’s story resonate with absolute authenticity. You always hear the adage, “write what you know.” Clearly, this author has had experience dealing with abuse and recovery. Her passion for the victims of such tragic experiences oozes from the page.
However, some of the sub-plots explored just don't have that same level of authenticity as Ashley’s personal story. I appreciate the author’s attempt to address other social issues such as racism and equality—and it is done well—but it pales in comparison to the central story of Ashley’s journey. I found myself wishing the author would stay focused on Ashley. Specifically, the racial issues addressed come across as the stereotypical struggles one would think of happening in the southern United States during the Civil Rights movement fifty years ago, and not the more contemporary issues going on in the US today. The differences between the two paths of the story just don’t mesh quite as well as they could have.
Despite the minor issues mentioned, I still couldn’t put it down. Courage in Patience took me by surprise and I am eager to continue with Ashley’s struggle in book two, Hope in Patience.
This story is a must read for any young reader. The message of hope and perseverance in the face of an unimaginable hell will inspire all ages. Whether the reader is a victim of abuse or knows someone who is a victim, Courage in Patience will speak to them and show them that everyone is going through something and no one is alone.
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