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I've wanted to read all of Rachel's books for a long time now. The Fine Art of Pretending did not disappoint! The book was super fun. I was immediately sucked in to the story. I haven't read a lot of contemporary recently, but I've read a couple really good ones in the last couple weeks! If you're in the mood for a romantic comedy, this is definitely it!


Although the main characters are Aly and Brandon, I am in love with Justin. Aly is very fun, and it's cool to see a sporty yet nerdy main character. Brandon is tad to guy-ish for me, what with the pick-up truck and stuff, but I like him nonetheless. That said, Justin is so sweet. Right off the bat, Justin has been labeled as mean and a no-good person. As soon as I got to see more of Justin's character, I started to fall in love. I seriously like him and want to give him a big, fat hug. He just seems so sad. If you're also a Justin-lover, please let me know!


The writing in the book was okay. At times, it wasn't always the best quality, but it was fun.


I kinda wanted to stab the plot, simply because the characters just. Kept. Missing. The. Point. They kept not realizing that the other person actually liked the other, and thought that it would 'ruin their friendship'. Denying their love for each other was actually what was destroying it!


I couldn't really see much of the world-building. Also, what school spends a week at a summer camp the week before school starts?!?! The world wasn't fully believable, but I'll roll with it.
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