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A story about losing people you love and finding the courage to move on.
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A Sliver of Hope is a story about losing people you love and finding the courage and inner strength to move on.But sometimes that's not enough.You need help.Help from your family,your friends and even professional help because saying goodbye is never easy..But honestly..we never say goodbye,do we?

Hannah and Hope were twins,best friends and ready for their last school prank on April 1st.But that never happened because Hope,amazing athlete,brilliant student,most popular girl,the golden child,the perfect one,committed suicide leaving Hannah back to pick up the pieces.

The characters

Hannah always thought that her sister was as bright as the sun.Always excited,cheerful...and happy.So why take her own life?That's one of the many questions that Hannah is trying to answer.She can't sleep,she barely eats,she can't face her family or go to school without bursting into tears.So she locks herself into her room where she communicates with Hope the only way she can.By filling her diary with post after post talking to Hope like she was still there with her.She tells her how her day was,her insecurities,her fears and then she asks her how could she do something like that to her family,her friends and herself.

Her parents decide to send her to visit a psychologist to help her but Hannah is anything but willing to talk to Dr. Cole about Hope or anything else.But the person who helps her the most is her ex,Julian.

Julian attends Columbia just like Hannah's brother Doug.They have been best friends forever and when Julian broke up with Hannah,right before he left for college he and Doug had a fight and their friendship was tested.But now both guys return for Hope's funeral and to help Hannah get through this.Julian has regretted not being with Hannah and he's determined to get her back.Forever.

The guys with Hannah's good friend,Glory,have helped 'broken' Hannah to put the pieces of her heart and soul back together.Skipping school and going to the beach,attending parties and countless hours of talking and just being there for her made her realize that Hope's gone but there are people who miss her too.But they also miss the old and full of life Hannah.


If you loved The Fault in our Stars by John Green,then this is a book you'll want to read.Funny,sad,romantic,revealing,unique,inspiring,heartbreaking and emotional,A Silver of Hope is a must-read.It's never easy to lose somebody,but you have to keep going because that's life...
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