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NoBSBook's Review of Impulse- A Brutally Honest Novel by Ellen Hopkins
(Updated: March 13, 2013)
Three teens, sharing only the wish to end it all, meet after their failed suicide attempts in Aspen Springs, a psychiatric hospital. Each has their own story: Tony can only find his peace in pills after a hellish childhood, Vanessa who has to cut so her secrets don’t tear her apart, and Connor, the picture of perfect who hides an inner turmoil. Together they will fight to forge ahead and write a brighter chapter in their lives.

Ellen Hopkins has a very distinctive style. Her books deal with young people coping with very real issues in a heart-wrenching way, all in free verse poetry. Impulse is no exception as we are presented with issues such as teen suicide, sexuality, and what family means. This is all done with no holds barred, nothing off limits and no sugar coating. Due to this honest and gritty approach, I felt that Hopkins showed a huge amount of respect to both the subject matter, and the audience. Unfortunately, many people have for more negative reactions to this, which I will touch upon later...

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