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The Book with a Story
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There were two main reasons why I really liked this book. The mystery was definitely the first thing about the book that drew me in. I love love LOVE a good mystery that delivers. That is realistic. The Girl in the Park definitely has this. Throughout the whole book I found myself nodding my head in agreement whenever Rain suspected somebody. By the end of the end of book, I found myself going Ah-ha! So THAT'S who did it!, because I honestly didn't know.
The other aspect was the story behind the mystery: Rain's friendship with Wendy (the dead girl). Although I would have loved to have learned more about what exactly Wendy did that made Rain go through such a drastic change, I could see how Rain changed because of her. I love seeing Rain continue to solve the mystery despite how scared she was.
This a definitely a novel you should pick up. 4 stars!
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