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When I first started reading If We Kiss, I was a little caught off guard by the tone from the main character. She seemed a little... immature. Needless to say, the first couple of chapters were a little rough to get through. Then, miraculously, it's told in the story that Charlie is just fourteen years old - and I had a very big Aha! moment. Suddenly, the voice made a whole lot of sense. Then, I felt bad.. and had to go and start all over. I'm telling this so people can go in with the knowledge that yes, the tone is a little on the young and immature side - but, that's because she is young and immature. And I am not saying she is immature in a negative way - just immature in a way that goes away with age and life experience.

Now, with that out of the way...

Despite her age and the things mentioned above, I really warmed up to Charlie through the story. She's a spunky character with a lot of humor and wit. She also had a lot of conflicting feelings and moments of doubt, all things that come with being a teenage girl. She was a genuine character that was easy to read and empathize with. Her best friend, Tess, was a solid character as well.. and reminded me so much of some of my female friends in school that fell in love with every guy that they kissed, it was a bit nostalgic. Reading now, of course it made me want to roll my eyes about a thousand times.. but, that is definitely a very real portrayal of how insanely intense your feelings are for everyone when you're a teen. I have to admit that I had a big problem with Kevin. I mean, his portrayal through the eyes of Charlie and Tess was that he was a nice character - oh, and a bit of a kissing slut. I don't know, maybe it's just me, but I didn't see this "nice" character that they both fell for. He was really playing both girls, which is a big turn-off in my eyes. I did like how he called Charlie Chuck. It was cute. And I wish, wish, wish that George would have had a bigger role because he seemed like a decent character.. but I can't say for sure with the little time I got to read about him. Maybe next book?

There was an equal amount of drama and humor in this book that worked well for the story. Once I was over my little hiccup in the beginning, I really enjoyed If We Kiss. I was actually surprised at how fast of a read it was, but it made it no less enjoyable. The story flowed smoothly and keeps you turning page after page until the end. If you enjoy sweet little romances, I definitely think you'll enjoy this book.

My copy also had fun extras in the back that included an interview with author Rachel Vail, a kissing quiz and, my favorite, a sneak peek at the sequel, Kiss Me Again - a book that I WILL be nabbing as soon as it's available!
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