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(Updated: January 19, 2012)
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I love Heidi Kling's writing. I loved her debut story SEA and also a short story in the First Time anthology. I couldn't wait to read her new story WITCH'S TALE. This series is different as it has an interactive feature where readers decide where the story goes. I'm totally for new reading ventures that think outside he box.

I downloaded Witch's Brew and quickly got involved with the characters. This is a story where a witch and a warlock meet and fall for each other. Problem is they are sworn enemies. Kling once again casts her own spell with characters that are real and multi-layered. The tension and chemistry between our heroine and hero sizzles.

Lily is the lead witch who finds out their power is failing. They've been cursed and if there isn't someone who can break the spell, all magic will be gone. Lily is strong but also shows her own vulerabilities especially when she's around Logan. Her strength to stand up to the coven sisters shows she doesn't blindly follow others. Even though Lily is the chosen lead witch, it doesn't go to her head. She's not afraid to question even when other, stronger witches tell her otherwise. She doesn't do this in a snarly way that would label her unlikeable but rather in a way that shows her courage and strength.

Logan is hot. No question about that! It would be so easy to paint him as the arrogant love interest but Kling digs deeper with her characters and readers are rewarded. Logan is strong but also sensitive to those around him. His one weakness has to be Lily and his desire to be around her even when his 'father' tells him to trust no witch.

There's so much to love about this new series. The writing is lush and filled with great descriptions such as the one where Logan and Lily swim in the ocean.

Kling creates a world that is believable and very addictive. She's the queen of lush, yummy writing! I couldn't put my Kindle down! I can't wait to read the second book in this series. Check out this and other titles from Coliloquy. I just downloaded another book from them. A fun, new publishing method that I'm sure will take off.
Good Points
1. Unique idea of having reader decide on where to go with storyline on a Kindle
2. Kling nails the whole chemistry between characters in such a way that the pages crackle with energy
3. Great use of two alternative POVs that work
4. Lush, yummy writing. Kling is the queen of this!
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