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A great zombie killing read!
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I really liked the whole zombie aspect of this book. I’ll admit I was weary to read this because of the zombies ( I’m too squeamish to read about dead guys walking around and blood) , but I surprisingly enjoyed it! I loved that Kate is smart and independent and isn’t afraid to be who she is. The only problem I had with her character was that she put herself down, but other than that she was a very relate-able character. I especially loved that she had ambitions, such as wanting to be a doctor and was incredibly smart. This ambition led her to take charge instead of letting others do things for her, which we often see in YA lit.
Now to the romance!
Aaron seemed really cute. I say seemed because we didn’t really get to read that much about him. He was there in the beginning when Kate is crushing on him and just seems to disappear throughout the book. I also felt there wasn’t that much chemistry between he and Kate.
Overall the book was a quick and fun read. Kate is a funny and smart herione whom I’d love to read more about. Everyone should go out and pick up this book!
Good Points
I really loved the Kate was independent and didn't really so heavily on others. Also the humor in this book is great!
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