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Reader reviewed by ruthie w.

Bella and Edward fell in love from the first book of Stephanie Meyers. But now they are taking it to the next level. with no more bad vamps trying to cause Bella harm, Edward is finally calm enough to focus on Bella. Bella has been through alot with Edward... but she's still going to be there for him, they take it to the next step and GET MARRIED! on the honey moon, Edward full fills his promise to Bella, but they end up in even more of a muddy puddle. Bella is blessed with a little... vampire or human? well when her health withers away, all the Cullens are trying to find away to support Bella's breaking body, and the little ones developing habit. but when the baby is ready to be born, will it kill it's mom to be able to breath, not on edward's hands, but when the vulturi think Bella and Edward have created a New Born, they are out for blood, not wanting peace and reassurance for anything. When they are ready to attack, their full spring, and won't stop until.. Renesmee proves that she isn't a new born. by talking with her hands.. and flashing images through peoples minds.
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