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Not Quite Dead
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Ellerton High is having one bad year. Four teens have died within a year of each other. Phoenix is the fourth to die. Rumors of ghosts and strange things happening around a deserted barn circulate throughout the small community as they try to deal with the sudden tragic losts.

Darina, Phoenix's girlfriend, finds herself drawn to the deserted farmhouse. She doesn't know why but she swears she hears the beating of tons of wings in her head.

Then one day Phoenix appears to her. He tells her he has only one year to right the wrong of his death. With her help, maybe he can finally rest in peace. But now Darina has a problem. If she helps Phoenix she will set his soul free but also she will forever lose him. Is she strong enough to know what to do?

I really enjoyed this paranormal tale of the undead who hang in limbo with their own guardian while trying to right the wrongs of their deaths. And the idea of the teens all coming from the same small town and high school is very intriguing.

The descriptions of the undead remind me of vampires though these souls are searching for peace. The images are vivid and moving. Especially moving are the emotions the author evokes with the survivors of the beautiful dead. All are affected. How they react helps make this one book you don't want to put down.

Darina struggles to help Phoenix and the other beautiful dead is gripping. I loved the pacing and tension on each page. Addictive book candy, this is one story that makes you impatient to read the next book in the series. If this is a sample of what Sourcebook Fire has for readers, I can't wait to read more!
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