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Along for the Ride by Sarah Dessen
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Auden has never done anything spontaneous. She's always locked up in
her room, studying or getting ahead of her work. When her parents get a
divorce, she becomes all too friendly with the night and becomes an
insomniac. But when she arrives in the little town of Colby--where she
makes new friends and does things she has never done before--everything
changes. She changes. She meets new people and finds sanctuary with Eli
in a laundry store away from her fighting dad and step-mom. Auden
realizes what she missed as a child, and grows out of her shell.

Dessen delivers an entertaining, contemplating read that will absorb
readers into Auden's complicated life. Dessen develops the story in the
cozy setting that readers will adore. The vivid descriptions of the
small, intimite town of Colby is accomplished flawlessly; even through
Auden's point of view. Who can't help but love endless summer nights
with the bright, sunny mornings?

In Colby, Auden is surrounded
by a humourous, eclectic cast of characters. Each one is unique and
dynamic with their own previous summer adventures and traditions.
Almost everyone's past in Colby is connected somehow. As the new town
girl, attentions are focused on Auden. And slowly, Auden starts to fit
in and become more sociable and appreciative of her friends.

revalation is also a way for her to find who she really is; without the
books. She finds herself through her quest to do everything she's
missed as a child. Throughout the story, she discoveres--little by
little--that the people of Colby, at first glance, aren't what they
seem. They're unpridictable and trustworthy--very different from how
they seem on the surface. Another issue in Along for the Ride,
is the frequent debate whether or not people can or cannot change.
Dessen impressively connects this issue to Auden's life throught
different examples on both sides.

Dessen has accoplished an
amazing novel full of friendship, love, and many firsts. As Auden
embarks on her late-night (almost early morning) adventures and goes
through her daily routine, readers will enjoy watching her make
mistakes and get back up on her feet. Along for the Ride's slow, relaxing pace, will allow readers to relate to Auden and reminisce about their own summer experiences.

Bottom Line: Along for the Ride was my first time reading one of Sarah
Dessen's books and I wasn't dissapointed. Everything was
summery-perfect. I'd definitely say that this is one of my favorite
summer reads...The only thing that I wasn't really fond of, was Auden's
mom and dad. They were both--in my opinion--pig-headed. Her mom was
always nagging her while her dad didn't even care. It was either all or
nothing! Also, the cover bothered me a little bit. Auden shouldn't have
been wearing a pink dress because she isn't exactly girly in the novel.
But apart from that, Along for the Ride is a great read! A+ :-)

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