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New Moon is the sequel to Twilight. In this book, Edward leaves Bella. Bella becomes extremely depressed, and befriends Jacob, just so she could use him to hear Edward's voice in her mind. jacob, however. is in love with her. Meanwhile, Edward somehow misunderstands and believes that Bella is dead. He procedes to attempt suicide. 
Obviously, this is a book about an extremely unhealthy relationship with two very unstabe people, correct? Nope. This book is percieved as the epitome of romance. You probably can tell my opinion on this. 
However, the series has a very addictive effect. This is my second read of the series, and I was as omgzzzzztwilightx3x3x3x3x3x3x3x3edward the first time. I'd recommend that everyone who's read the series reread it, with a clearer mind. 
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