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Its the most exclusive luxury apartment building on New Yorks Upper East Side. If you dont live thereyou dont know how to live&

When Casey McCloy steps into The Bramford, shes overwhelmed by the sophistication and elegance of it all. Fresh from the Midwest, shes moved to NYC to live with her grandmother and attend the prestigious Meadowlark Academy. Here all that matters is who you know. The designer to know is Zac Posen. The girl to know is Madison Macallister: popular, pretty, platinum-blond. Shes not just Caseys new classmate and neighbor; shes an icon. So Casey aims to get in with Madison and her gorgeous gal-pals from the start. As the reigning queen of coolness, Madison is capable of destroying reputations with one well-timed whisper. Better to be on her good side.

But after a city-haute makeover from her new frenemy Madison, Casey is wearing the right clothes, saying the right things, and meeting the right peopleincluding Drew, the boy-about-town who Madison thinks belongs to her and her alone&

This book was amazing! Both the main and secondary characters we beautifully written and had a lot of depth that you really connect to them. I found myself liking all the characters and wanting to know more about them. The plot was great. I think that this new series is was much better than the Gossip Girl series. The characters weren't shallow and they seemed real.I couldn't put this book down.I can't wait for In Too Deep to come out! Jennifer Banash is an amazing author.
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