The Pack

The Pack
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June 01, 2021
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A pack of best friends navigate first crushes, new friendships and more at their school for girls with animal powers!

Don’t be fooled. . . . Charm House isn’t like any other charm school. Charm stands for Center for Human-Animal Reform and Manners. Every girl who boards there has an animal light inside her that is wild and needs to be tamed.

New girl Sadie just wants to stay out of trouble and blend in. When she learns she has the fiercest animal light of all, she is invited to join the group of it girls known as the Pack, led by Lindsey, the school’s queen of the jungle. Soon Sadie is consumed by social drama and her secret feelings for an off-limits private-school boy.

Charm House is supposed to protect them, but danger looms when someone starts to threaten the girls. Is the school in jeopardy—or is someone trying to tear the Pack apart? 

"Girls with secret kick-butt animal powers? Yes please. This story is fast paced, hilarious, and wildly fun.”—Melissa de la Cruz, New York Times bestselling author of The Descendants

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Finding Your Inner Light
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THE PACK is the first book in a new Middle-Grade series. Sadie has never fit in anywhere and has been labeled as disruptive. Then she comes to the Charm Boarding school where she discovers that some girls have an animal light inside them and she is one of them.
This book features an interesting premise and lots of quick-moving action. We follow along as Sadie learns more about what being an animal light, a leader of the pack, and a good friend is all about. She and her friends navigate through terrible attacks from a “scratcher” who is hurting students and scratching the number 13 on the victims. She gets her first crush and if that is not already a lot of interesting events, she uncovers why her new friend has terrible headaches and suffers memory loss.
There are a few interactions where the girls act a bit catty to others that I was happy to see addressed. I was a bit tired of the mean-girl interactions and clique mentality, but my child ate up the drama. Most of the girls’ studies are learning how to control their powers and to be able to pass as normal in society. We learn that there is a government organization that seizes and experiments on the girls if they are found. That is the only reason that I am ok with the theme of learning to repress who you are instead of having a theme of embracing and celebrating your differences. I would like to see this change in future books.
Overall, this book was an engaging read that even my reluctant reader was happy to stick with to the end. We used an audiobook for this story and found the narrator to do a good job with Sadie’s character. This was a good stepping stone from short chapter books to ones that are a bit longer.
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