Mermedusa (The Legends of Eerie-on-Sea 5)

Mermedusa (The Legends of Eerie-on-Sea 5)
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June 18, 2024
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In this fifth and final tale, the arrival of a team of cryptozoologists sets off a series of events that could reveal the deepest secrets of Eerie-on-Sea—and the truth about shipwrecked orphan Herbert Lemon.

It’s Midwinter again in Eerie-on-Sea, when legend claims the terrifying Malamander emerges to hunt—and search for its long-lost mate. It’s the anniversary of daring Violet Parma’s arrival in Eerie; a year later, she still hasn’t found her missing parents, just as anxious Herbert Lemon has learned little else about why he washed up on the shore in a crate of lemons. What’s more, the creators of the Anomalous Phenomena podcast have dropped anchor in town and are fishing around for Eerie secrets. Keeping ahead of the podcasters, Herbie and Violet set sail for the dangerous “Treasure Island,” where villain Sebastian Eel’s own sister mysteriously vanished years ago. Will they discover the heart of Eerie-on-Sea’s mysteries, or will Herbie and Violet be the next to disappear? Like a visit to an old boardwalk arcade, this conclusion to the spooky, fantastical series will leave readers shivering with fright and delight.

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What worked:
The author helpfully recaps what is necessary so readers won’t feel like they’ve missed anything significant. Herbie arrived in Eerie-on-Sea without any memory of his past and that mystery has continued throughout the series. Sebastian Eels has been the ongoing antagonist and Herbie and Violet have been trying to figure out what he’s up to. They can’t get anyone to believe he’s evil since he’s careful not to leave any hard evidence. They’ve been anticipating he’ll do something truly despicable and it seems like it’s only a matter of time before that happens. Herbie and Vi haven’t discovered the Deepest Secret of Eerie-on- Sea but they suspect Eels already knows.
This book begins to hint that there may be more to Sebastian Eels’ story than what Herbie and Violet are aware of. Three new characters are in town to do a podcast about the mysteries of Eerie-on-Sea that highlight the legend of the malamander haunting the offshore waters. However, Professor Newtiss is more interested in Sebastian Eels and he wants Herbie and Vi to spy for him. The characters suspect something happened to Sebastian when he was twelve years old that will help explain his questionable activities. They find a message that talks about selling his soul for the Kraken gold but they have no idea what that means. Much of the plot follows Herbie and Violet as they try to uncover the truth behind Sebastian Eels.
As the name suggests, eerie things happen around the town and the people are reluctant to talk about them. Herbie and Violet have had encounters in the past but most people don’t have first-hand experience. Herbie has been feeling a hum, a vibration, for the past week and it’s been activating visions (memories?) in his mind. Violet’s cat is no longer speaking and the mermonkey isn’t choosing books found in the bookstore. Citizens have been disappearing for years and no one knows where they’ve gone. Sebastian Eels has been making mysterious boat trips during the night into the dangerous waters where the malamander lurks. What do all of these strange things have in common?
What didn’t work as well:
The mermedusa isn’t mentioned at all for much of the story so readers may wonder how it fits in. It must be significant since it’s the title of the book but readers will know nothing about it. Rest assured the mermedusa finally makes an appearance and it’s critically important in resolving the strange happenings around Eerie-on-Sea.
The final verdict:
I’ve only read the fourth book in the series before this one but readers should still be able to read Mermedusa independently. I don’t recommend that since you’ll miss out on previous eerie adventures. Herbie and Violet are honest, loyal, enjoyable characters that will connect with all readers and I recommend you give their story a shot.
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