Super Pancake and the Mini Muffin Mayhem

Super Pancake and the Mini Muffin Mayhem
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June 04, 2024
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It's a bird! It's a plane! It's a . . . pancake? The syrupy superhero of Breakfast Town, Peggy Pancake, is now up against her toughest, scariest obstacle yet: babysitting.

When we last saw our hero Peggy Pancake, she was mastering her newfound superhero abilities and saving her sidekick, Luc Croissant, from the scary clutches of Dr. Evil Breakfast Sandwich and his sinister Henchtoasts. Now, Peggy balances being a superhero with her everyday life--going to school and hiding her crime-fighting identity from her family.

This Spring Break, Peggy has homework to complete: write an instructional "How To" paper. Peggy's mom volunteers her to babysit five rambunctious mini muffins so she can write about "how to be responsible." That shouldn't be too bad, right?

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Breakfast puns galore!
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Crime fighter by night, student by day, Peggy finds herself volunteered to babysit during Spring Break!

Finding her footing as a super hero in the previous book, Peggy is ready to fight more villains (and hopefully finish her homework) during Spring Break. However, things do not go according to her plans when Peggy's parents inform her of her new baby sitting job.

Super Pancake and the Mini Muffin Mayhem is a quick-paced, fun, and wholesome read about responsibilities and balancing tasks.
Peggy Pancake and her friends are a great group, full of energy, and ready to offer support whenever it's needed.
The writing is perfect for readers just grasping longer sentence structure, with the vocabulary is perfect for the target audience. The breakfast puns were top notch, adding even more humor to the story line.

The illustrations are simple, yet colorful and fun, fitting the atmosphere of this graphic novel well! Each scene brings across the moments with the needed humor or heart. I love how the final images hint at the next book!
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