Storm Chaser

Storm Chaser
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October 31, 2022
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Chasing dangerous storms is in Marley Pascal’s blood. For her, it’s an obsession—a need to confront the powerful, destructive forces that killed her parents.

But the storm she and her brother track down seems to violate the very laws of nature, with lightning that strikes as if from another world. In its crater, Marley finds a small purple crystal with a terrifying energy that hits her like a bolt to the chest when she picks it up.

Suddenly, it’s like the electricity pulses through her blood, a charge she can’t control. Which is exactly when he comes looking for her—the ridiculously hot boy whose eyes spark and crackle with the same force that now resides in her body. And he smells like summer rain…

But what’s inside Marley isn’t meant for her—or for any human. It belongs to him. To his kind.

As long as this force stays in her body, she’s a living target. A weapon meant to protect…or destroy.

Because now she is the storm.

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engaging YA fantasy
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STORM CHASER is an engaging YA fantasy with aliens, magic, and storms. Marley is an aspiring storm chaser, who is beginning to shadow her professional brother. They are both invested in it as they want to determine better ways to detect storms and help to save lives after they lost their parents in an unexpected twister. It is on one such storm chase that they find a strange crater. When Marley picks up an unusual stone, she feels as though she has been struck by lightning.

Brae is an enlil, essentially an alien from another planet with superman-style abilities. He and the other enlil came to Earth where the nitrogen they breathe is in such higher quantity that their abilities are massively expanded. They control the weather with different levels of ability and affinity. Brae is the head of the lightning clan, being the one with the oculus. The oculus enhances their power - and it was carried in the stone that Marley picked up, transferring the power of the oculus to her.

There is a war brewing, with Brae opposed by another young clan leader, something he is desperate to prevent, and Marley may just have landed herself in the middle of it all.

What I loved: The premise of this was really interesting, and I loved the way the world-building slowly accumulates as we learn more about the enlil and the world they have left behind as well as their abilities now. The book is told from dual perspectives of Marley and Brae, which really helps the reader to get into the story and works well.

Marley and Brae are both dealing with trauma in their past around their families/clans. They have dealt with this in their own ways, with both taking actions to try to save others. Marley wants to help find ways to save others from the destruction of nature, while Brae seeks to prevent his own kind from war and careless deaths. As they collide, they begin to realize that their goals may be aligned in some ways - however, a lack of trust on both sides makes this difficult.

The romance builds slowly with a focus on the sci-fi/fantasy elements, but it was really easy to cheer for, and their chemistry was really great. While there is some resolution of the major plot points in the book, there are definitely some elements that remain to be continued in future books. I will definitely be interested to see where this one goes!

Final verdict: STORM CHASER features intriguing world-building and compelling characters for an explosive read.
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