A Whisper in the Walls

A whisper in the walls
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April 23, 2024
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In this sequel to the New York Times bestselling, “pulse-pounding” (Publishers Weekly) A Door in the Dark, Ren’s intellect and cunning are stretched to the limit in her quest to take down the system that stole her father’s life.

Ren Monroe is a wolf among lions. After infiltrating one of the greatest Houses in Kathor through her successful bond with Theo Brood, she finds Theo’s father is two steps ahead. He exiles Theo and isolates Ren, strategically working to break her unwelcome grasp on his son—and foiling Ren’s first step to enacting the revenge she’s been planning her whole life.

Ren might have more resources than she’d ever imagined growing up, but she’ll still get nowhere without allies. Enter House Tin’Vori. Years ago, House Brood led an unprecedented raid to destroy a fellow House of Kathor. But a few siblings survived, and they haven’t forgotten the horrors waged against their family. Quietly, they’ve plotted their own revenge, waiting for the right moment to strike. And Ren Monroe might be their best chance.

Like fire, the Tin’Vori siblings are as dangerous as they are useful, both gifted in rare magics. Ren must decide how to unleash them against House Brood without hurting Theo in the process. Her feelings for Theo are growing past the boundaries of their bond, and Ren finds herself balanced on a knife’s edge, a breath away from immense power or utter ruin.

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A Whisper in the Walls, the captivating sequel to A Door in the Dark, is a revenge story about Ren, a dirt poor character seeking revenge for age-old familial reasons. With a second book about the same topic, I was worried the story would fall flat, but it in no way did. We have a big wig family called the broods, and usually, these people get away with what they did with no consequences, but this time, it will not be abided by. The first book in the series echoes tropes from a deadly education, but the second one echoes political intrigue and house dynamics in books like Game of Thrones and Mistborn.
The second book stands out as a fantastic book cause it introduces new characters, houses, new branches of magic, intense and visceral combat scenes, and sweeping political intrigues. It will be interesting to see if we get a third book where the book series goes, if there is more story to tell, or if this is just a two-book series. Time will tell.
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