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A Whisper in the Walls, the captivating sequel to A Door in the Dark, is a revenge story about Ren, a dirt poor character seeking revenge for age-old familial reasons. With a second book about the same topic, I was worried the story would fall flat, but it in no way did. We have a big wig family called the broods, and usually, these people get away with what they did with no consequences, but this time, it will not be abided by. The first book in the series echoes tropes from a deadly education, but the second one echoes political intrigue and house dynamics in books like Game of Thrones and Mistborn.
The second book stands out as a fantastic book cause it introduces new characters, houses, new branches of magic, intense and visceral combat scenes, and sweeping political intrigues. It will be interesting to see if we get a third book where the book series goes, if there is more story to tell, or if this is just a two-book series. Time will tell.
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