Skylight (Mehk Light Series Book 1)

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Sorra Books
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July 23, 2024
Five-foot-eight and only in the seventh grade, Sofia Luana is used to being bullied in her Colorado school. After her parents suddenly decide to move to California, Sofia's only hope is her best friend, Cara Felicity, who says her family's moving to California, too.

On their plane ride halfway across the country, Sofia and Cara see a magical door in the clouds. The girls soon find themselves in a new land filled with a shapeshifting octopus, winged warriors, and the exiled sorceress, Muet, starting a war to take the throne. 

With her best friend, Sofia must learn to embrace her royal lineage, figure out who can be trusted, and find the courage to make her own decisions to end the war-or else Muet and her Night Army will extinguish Sofia's skylight forever.

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An ememy among them.
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What worked:
The plot will be familiar as a baby is sent to another world to protect her from an evil sorceress. Sofia is unaware her “parents” have been protecting her on Earth since she’s the princess of a kingdom she’s never known. Upon her return to the skies, Sofia manifests previously unknown powers that connect her with nature although she struggles to control it. The author adds the possibility that a spy may be lurking in the palace so readers will begin suspecting every character they meet. The palace is supposed to be impenetrable so how did the sorceress know Sofia was coming? The author includes something unusual about Sofia’s best friend Cara which hints that her character may have a secret. It’s not uncommon in middle-grade books where seemingly innocent characters turn out to have devious intentions.
Sofia’s personality and relationships will endear her to young readers. She has an open mind about her new life in Skylight but she misses the “parents” she grew up with on Earth. The kingdom is at war with the sorceress and her Night Army so Sofia is being trained to fight. However, she doesn’t want to hurt others and she doesn’t do well on her combat tests. Sofia and Cara have grown up almost as sisters on Earth and they remain inseparable in the sky kingdom. Sofia may be the taller, larger character but Cara quickly masters new fighting skills and will defend the princess whenever needed. Cara’s extremely competitive and won’t back down from any challenge.
The author includes some unexpected twists after Sofia is captured by the sorceress. People inside the palace think she’s behaving strangely and wonder what’s caused the changes. Sofia begins to wonder who she can trust and she doesn’t understand what’s made Muet want to attack the royal family and the kingdom. Why was she exiled? Being new to the conflict means Sofia doesn’t have any preconceived ideas regarding who’s right or wrong. She considers Muet’s grievances without judging and is willing to consider the possibility that Muet may have some valid reasons for being angry. Sofia doesn’t make a formal decision about Muet but she believes there must be a way to end this war. Readers shouldn’t assume the “good guys” are always right as the story provides some food for thought.
What didn’t work as well:
The author includes some Skylight vocabulary and speech that isn’t necessary as the plot moves along. It helps to develop the setting and most of the words and phrases can be figured out through context. Most of the narrative is in English so the Mehk vocabulary isn’t necessary as the story goes on. Also, some of Sofia’s thoughts about who to trust are irrational based on previous descriptions and experiences of the characters.
The final verdict:
The adventure in the sky is entertaining with the interactions between Sofia and Muet being the most intriguing part of the story. Cara’s competitive nature contributes humor to the narrative and adds action scenes to spice things up. Overall, young readers should enjoy the book and I recommend you give it a shot.
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