Riders of Fire and Ice (Talisman 2)

Riders of Fire and Ice (Talisman 2)
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May 21, 2021
They're back! Julian and Rome are taking their show on the road. This time to lovely, old England in search of Camelot. While there, the Knight and Dragon will be trying to solve the mystery of the Talismans, the mystery of their shadowy stalker, and the mystery of sibling rivalry. Prepare to meet some new faces and, of course, some new Darkbrands as the two further their adventures across the pond.

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Finding new allies in unexpected places
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What worked:
The setting moves to England as Rome and Julian try to learn more about the history of knights and their bonded dragons and the centuries-old battle against creatures of The Void. The tales go back to the times of King Arthur and Camelot when he first faced Darkbrand monsters. The boys defeated two Garms in the first book but readers can expect them to encounter more powerful foes this time. Minotaurs are next-level beasts but readers know the boys are ill-prepared to face the more devastating monsters lurking in The Void. The author presents the monstrosities starting with the “weakest” which allows Rome and Julian time to practice and develop in preparation for more challenging battles to come.
The best decision by the author is to add two new characters, Camela, Julian’s younger sister, and Krysta, Camela’s inseparable friend. Camela is in stark contrast to Julian as she sounds more like their father. She tells Julian he’s an embarrassment to the family, says she detests dragons, and thinks any dragon found should be killed. If Julian gets too close to Camela, Krysta steps in as her protector. Krysta is strong and agile and possesses mad fighting skills. While Camela and Julian create sparks when they interact, Krysta is extremely affectionate when it comes to Rome. It’s unclear why she’s immediately drawn to him but secrets are revealed when Rome and Julian next face a creature from The Void. I must admit that my first instincts about the girls come true.
Rome and Julian are still learning to develop their connection and abilities and there’s a feeling that they’ve barely tapped into their powers. They performed The Great Synergy in the first book but they didn’t do it correctly so readers will continue to anticipate what might happen if they complete the ritual properly. Camela doesn’t miss the opportunity to tell Julian he’s an idiot for not learning about the correct steps earlier. Again, readers will wonder when the boys will eventually complete The Great Synergy.
What didn’t work as well:
Overall, I’m really enjoying the series and there are only minor things that bug me sometimes. Why doesn’t Camela tell her brother how to complete The Great Synergy correctly since she knows how it should be done? For being such a formidable dragon, Rome comes close to defeat every time he battles. Can’t he kick butt at least once? Like I said, minor irritations.
The Final Verdict:
You should read The Search for Synergy first or you won’t be able to fully appreciate the development of the bond between Rome and Julian. Julian’s humor is in contrast to the characters’ serious crusade to stop the Darkbrands from escaping The Void. The creatures are becoming increasingly powerful and aggressive and I recommend you give this book, and the series, a shot.
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