Magestone (Gemfall Book One)

Magestone (Gemfall Book One)
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May 02, 2023
Once, magic was everywhere.​ Then, the magestones were all destroyed. All, except one...​Grayson Fletcher has spent his entire life working as a blacksmith's apprentice in his family's forge. He knows his way around an anvil, but he suspects there's more to life than hot iron and sweaty aprons. So when he's given the chance to join the prestigious royal academy and train to become a fabled realm knight, he jumps at the opportunity. ​
But between the looming threat of raiders attacking his home village and finding an ancient relic with a mind of its own, there was always something to distract him from his studies. To make matters worse, a school assignment inadvertently pits Grayson and his friends up against the evil raiders, and he'll quickly learn that no amount of training could've prepared him for what lies ahead.

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What worked:
The immediate, most interesting, aspect of the story arises when Grayson discovers a purple rock in the Oak Wood Forest. This dark, spooky forest is avoided by the people of Tamhaven so Grayson and his friends explore it without their parents’ knowledge. The piece of amethyst is able to mentally communicate with Grayson although Sep and Malina can’t hear it or see is its purple glow. Grayson eventually calls it Pete, but Pete has no memory of its past nor any understanding of the human world. The amethyst is able to see through Grayson’s eyes and it senses what Grayson experiences. This creates a bit of humor when it pleads for Grayson to order “crispy tates” to go with his meat pie. In addition, Grayson’s horse named Oats can’t talk but the author is able to clearly communicate its personality.
The story is set in a medieval culture with Grayson’s crippled father being the town’s blacksmith. Money is tight for everyone so bartering for services and goods is a common practice. The trip to the capital is Grayson’s first time leaving his village and he observes slaves in cages along the way. He’s surprised and upset because slavery is supposed to be against the law. Grayson’s dream is to become a valiant knight in the Royal Guard, protecting villagers across the kingdom from all evils. Students attending the Royal Academy are enrolled in specific guilds and Grayson discovers most of them come from entitled families. Peasants like him are looked down on by many classmates, including Grayson’s roommate, although Grayson manages to develop a couple of friendships including boy and girl twins. His experiences at the Royal Academy aren’t what he expected but he can’t explain what happens to Pete once they arrive in the city.
Grayson is a virtuous, admirable character. He appreciates the sacrifices his father has made in order to afford his son’s tuition at the academy. Even though Grayson’s roommate behaves like a jerk, Grayson is reluctant to return the negative attitude. He never retaliates when he’s the target of embarrassment or mistreatment from schoolmates and he treats everyone with respect. Perhaps it’s due to his humble upbringing, but he appreciates the efforts of the academy’s support staff. Grayson also finds time in his busy knight training schedule to spend time with Oats. He’s just a nice kid trying to live his life with honor.
What didn’t work as well:
The early part of the book confuses me a little as readers become acquainted with Grayson and his two best friends, Sep and Malina. These minor characters aren’t seen again after the first couple of chapters so why is it important to spend time describing Grayson’s budding feelings for Malina?
The Final Verdict:
This book presents an intriguing start to a new series as the author includes unexplained events and characters that will make readers want more. It’s easy to root for Grayson as he tries to uncover the mystery surrounding the magestones. I recommend you give this book a shot as I’m anxious to read the sequel.
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