Loveboat Reunion

Loveboat Reunion
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January 25, 2022
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Sophie Ha and Xavier Yeh have what some would call a tumultuous past. Hearts were broken, revenge was plotted—but at least they’re friends now. They left the drama behind them back in Taipei—at their summer program, Loveboat—forever. Now that fall is here, they’re focusing on what really matters. Sophie has sworn off boys and is determined to be the best student Dartmouth’s ever had. Xavier just wants to stay under his overbearing father’s radar, collect his trust fund when he turns eighteen, and concentrate on what makes him happy. But the world doesn’t seem to want Sophie and Xavier to succeed. Sophie’s college professor thinks her first major project is “too feminine.” Xavier’s father gives him an ultimatum: finish high school or be cut off from his inheritance. Then Sophie and Xavier find themselves on a wild, nonstop Loveboat reunion, hatching a joint plan to take control of their futures. Can they succeed together . . . or are they destined to combust?

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Loveboat Reunion
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What worked: Enjoyable follow-up to LOVEBOAT, TAIPEI. In this satisfying companion novel, readers find out what happens to Xavier, Sophie, and the rest of the Loveboat. Sophie is now in her first year at Dartmouth, vowing off any relationships after the disastrous one she had with Xavier. I really like how we see Sophie grow from someone who only cared about appearances to someone that really wants to succeed in college. Sophie is impulsive, but also very driven. Her determination to not only succeed but do that by her own merits is shown. I admit, in the first book I didn't care for her as much due to her rash decisions, but the companion book shows a more refreshing side of her. For example, how she tries to reunite Emma, a girl she meets in her college class, with Xavier after she finds out they were childhood friends.

Xavier has his own trials and challenges after his father forces him to repeat his last year at high school or else he cuts him financially off. A painful secret is revealed on why Xavier coasted through high school. I really liked how the author addresses dyslexia and dysgraphia here.

We also see other characters from LOVEBOAT, TAIPEI like Ever and Rick. Plus, readers see Xavier's family and the problems brewing in his father's generational company. Nothing is all that it seems.

Xavier is more the anti-hero with his own struggles and challenges. Rebellion and romance collide when Sophie gets back around Xavier. Not all is good at first, but it takes both of them to put aside their own reservations and move forward.

Of course, there is the rich Taiwanese culture and backdrop throughout this novel that's its own character.

The only thing I would recommend is to read LOVEBOAT, TAIPEI first because there readers will get to know the characters and the whys behind the animosity of Xavier toward his father and why Sophie has sworn off dating. The backstory of the Loveboat is also detailed here.

Romantic, engaging, and compelling novel that is sure to sweep readers off their feet. Think CRAZY RICH ASIANS meets college. A very satisfying follow-up to LOVEBOAT, TAIPEI.
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1. Satisfying companion novel to LOVEBOAT, TAIPEI
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