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It's been a month since I finished reading this book.
Beautiful Chaos continues the story of the Mortal Ethan Wate and his love, the Caster Lena Duchannes. After surviving the happenings in the tunnels and claiming herself as both Light and Dark, Lena and the rest of Gatlin experiences near-apocalyptic events and must find a way to stop this while figuring out the Eighteenth Moon.

The series at it's finest! As of now, this is my favorite one in the series. The book isn't that slow anymore, and the story line's just keep getting better and better. The authors did an amazing job on giving more background on supporting characters like Liv and John Breed. There's heartbreaking moments and more action within the book. The cliffhanger was a real shocker for me. It left me wanting, desiring, mad, crazy, insane for more! I couldn't get over with the end. I really hope that the fourth and last book would be more amazing and better than this one.

The characters seemed more attached to me than it ever were. Link's even more cooler with his new Incubus powers. Ridley more evil and seductive in this book. All the Casters have their powers dangerously uncontrolled. The characters bump into a lot more mishap and a lot more chaos. The book also gets an in-depth story on the background of the Caster world, and of course, Lena's history. It's just so wonderful to be back on Gatlin, and feel so much magical? I thought so too. It seems to me that the readers of this book will crave for the fourth one, now that they've read the ending. For me, it just punched a hole into my stomach, leaving me crying and mad.

I couldn't wait for the last book. The authors did an excellent, or may I say, perfect job on creating such a turn of events. I would really recommend this series, not just this book, to all YA fans.
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