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This is one of the best books I have ever read. Period.

have heard a lot of great talk about this book around the blogosphere,
so I didn't hesitate to go out and buy my own copy of the novel. Just
the summary alone had me hooked. I liked how this book had parts of
many genres - action, suspense, romance, science fiction, etc. It
covered just about everything.

For me, the story started out a
little slow and I was kind of disappointed by the first few chapters
since nothing big was happening yet. But now that I look back on it, I
realize that the author was just setting up the characters, time
period, and background information since it is set in a futuristic

It took me a week or two to get really sucked into the
book, so I began to get in the habit of carrying it around with me
wherever I went in case I had a few minutes of reading time. Because of
the interesting cover, I was asked many times what the book was about.
However, once I started explaining the summary - I just couldn't stop!
So I'll try my best to give a short and to-the-point one. ;]

novel is set in a futuristic world in a place called Panem - what's
left of North America, which is run by the government called The
Capital. Each year, The Capital randomly chooses a boy and girl from
each of the 12 districts to compete in the deadly Hunger Games. It is a
televised gory fight to the death, where only one winner, or "victor"
survives in the end. After her younger sister's name was chosen to
fight in the Hunger Games, Katniss Everdeen volunteers herself instead.

I'll tell you - this book was unlike anything else I had ever read. The
creativity practically jumped off of each page, screaming in my face.
It's not until a couple of chapters in, once Katniss actually enters
the arena to start the Hunger Games, that it became addicting. I read
the book for the entire five hour drive home from the beach - refused
to put it down even during bathroom breaks and turned down dinner, too!
Even if this doesn't sound like your type of book, it'll be a mistake
if you turn it down. You are missing out on one heck of an amazing book.

fell in love with particular characters and cried along with Katniss
when they were brutally murdered by other competitors in the games. I
blushed during awkward moments with Peeta, the baker's son who was also
chosen from the same district to compete. My heart felt like it would
burst out of my chest during intense fighting scenes and I had no idea
what would happen next. Overall, I was completely absorbed in this book
and felt like I literally was in the arena with Katniss during the
Hunger Games. The sudden cliff-hanger ending was a shocker to me, and I
didn't see it coming at all. I am on the verge of outbreak since I have
to wait another month for the sequel to come out! This is by far one of
the most creative, addicting, well-written action and survival books
out there. This would make an AMAZING movie! 

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