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September 26, 2023
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A spirited young prince longing to learn more about the world grows into a man on a quest to find the cause of human suffering in this first-of-its-kind graphic novel retelling of the life of Siddhartha, the founder of Buddhism.

Prince Siddhartha lives in a beautiful palace in the heart of Kapilavastu. His father, the king, ensures that he has the best of everything—he just can’t go outside. He is locked up away from the city, away from anything that might cause him pain. He knows nothing of illness, aging, sorrow, or death, yet Siddhartha feels the pain regardless, and it instills a burning curiosity to understand the world outside—and the nature of human suffering.

Based on the life of the real man who was known first as a prince, then as a monk, and now as the Gautama Buddha, Enlightened is about one boy’s quest to learn the truth that underpins our endless struggle against suffering—and in understanding, break the cyclic existence that perpetuates it.

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One thing about living in the United States is the plethora of culture that has been brought to us. It makes me want to know more about other cultures, religions, and other aspects that is foreign to me. This thirst of knowledge I feel like is inspired by every day living and seeing all of the different influences around us. When I had the opportunity to read Enlightened, I jumped at the chance. My knowledge of Buddhism is very limited, especially how it originated as well. This graphic novel was beautifully created and gave a simplistic version of how Buddhism came to be. I thought it was gorgeously done in its simplistic illustrations and captivating writing. This is a graphic novel that makes me want to research Buddhism more and understand it. And that's exactly what this book should be aiming for. While it's a very simplistic overview of events, it's enough to understand but also make the mind wonder. This two toned coloring of the pages really punctuates the teaching this book has to offer.

The life of Prince Siddhartha to the Awakened One is engaging and interesting. While it's something entirely different knowing this is the story of the founder of Buddhism. I thought it captured his journey well and interpreted it to a understanding for anyone who would read it. A lot of research went into this, which is obvious, but instead of something heavy to try and teach the beginning - it's done in a way that is captivating.

Overall, Enlightened by Sachi Ediriweera is one that everyone should read. As I am ignorant in the teachings and history of Buddhism, this graphic novel really helped me understand how it was began. I loved the art work and the story telling. For those who want to broaden their minds and expose themselves to more, I'd definitely put this on your list.
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