Dinos Driving

Dinos Driving
Co-Authors / Illustrators
  • Scot Ritchie
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Pajama Press
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Release Date
September 13, 2022
A witty and whimsical picture book for young fans of dinosaurs and vehicles alike.
What kind of a car would a tiny Velociraptor drive? Perhaps a mini car? But what would suit a vegetarian Iguanodon or a pack of rowdy Triceratops? What would an ideal vehicle be for a T-rex? Whatever it is, it had better come with an adjustable steering wheel for those short arms!

Illustrated by award-winning artist Scot Richie, this humorous picture book helps dinosaurs find their perfect way to get around. Carnotaurus, Brachiosaurus, Diplodocus, and more, ride around on a variety of vehicles that suit their style, anatomy, and nature. At story time, readers will ask themselves the inevitable question: out of all the things that go, what would my favorite dinosaur drive?

Scot Richie’s fun and witty dinosaurs will have children laughing at the absurdity of a T-rex in a monster truck, while they simultaneously learn the names of these prehistoric creatures. Author Lynn Leitch includes preschooler-friendly dinosaur facts that help readers to go beyond the story. A closing page of activities is included to further enrich the reading experience.

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Dinos and cars
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What I liked:
Each page introduces a species of dinosaurs, such as velociraptor or brachiosaurus, and states what kind of car they would drive. At the end of the book, there is a page with each of the dinosaurs and one characteristic. It turns out the Iguanadon is a vegetarian, so I guess the idea is that he was also conscious of his impact on the environment. Some of the car choices are a little more obvious; for example, the Diplodocus (again, I had no idea this was a type of dinosaur and not a loaded chip dip) is very long, so he drives a school bus because it is a long vehicle.

Final verdict:
Aside from the insanely long dino names, the book is relatively easy to read. Each page has one line of text and an obvious picture. The sentence structure is pretty repetitive, with most pages reading something like Dinosaur Name drives a Vehicle Name. The font is colorful, bold, and relatively large. The background of the pages is white, and the pictures are not overwhelming or distracting. I recommend this book to parents or teachers of young children in the age 3-8 range who enjoy dinosaurs and are beginning to explore repetitive beginner books with increasing independence.
Dinos Driving
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