Ancient Paths: Tuatha de Danaan Chronicles - Book 1

Ancient Paths: Tuatha de Danaan Chronicles - Book 1
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May 01, 2022
The Tuatha de Danaan, or fairies had lived with mankind since the beginning of time. But man changed and became selfish and dangerous. To protect themselves, the fairies fled into another dimension through a portal in Newgrange, Ireland.

An ancient prophecy told of a lad who would open the portal and bring the Fairies back to us. So, we meet Faelan O'Broin, the lad born on a Black Moon. He has a destiny to learn magic so he can open the portal.

He is joined by three companions for his journey. Each one has new lessons to teach him.

He travels all over Ireland and its sacred sites as he meets gods, goddesses, wizards, plants, animals, and magical beings. Each teaches him new magic and helps him on his way to opening the Fairy portal.

He arrives at the fairy portal on the appointed day, but will he be able to open it and bring the Fairies back to us?

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