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May 28, 2024
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In a summer of goodbyes and new beginnings, shy Ashton Price hopes to confess to their theater camp crush in this heartfelt middle-grade graphic novel. Perfect for fans of The Tryout and The Girl from the Sea.

This is it: the last hurrah, the final curtain call.

Ever since sixth grade, Ashton Price and their best friend and enduring crush, Ivy Santos, have spent their summers together at theater camp. Now it’s their last year before they part ways for high school, and Ash is determined to end it on a high note!

With Ash as stage manager and Ivy the lead in this year’s musical, this summer’s shaping up to be everything the two could have hoped for. Maybe Ash will even work up the courage to ask Ivy out! But between Ivy rehearsing long hours with her colead and Ash throwing themself into an ambitious stage production, will they end up drifting apart instead?

As summer wanes and September looms, Ash and Ivy’s friendship will change forever, one way or another.

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A Cute and Captivating Camp Crush Confession
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UPSTAGED is a middle grade graphic novel following Ash, a nonbinary camper in their final 6 weeks of camp. They are determined that this year they will confess their crush on fellow camper Ivy, but from the very first day things don’t go their way. The book is written at a level that middle schoolers will likely understand and enjoy, but that older audiences may also love.

What I Loved:
Between a sweet story and gorgeous illustrations, I was drawn into this story. I didn’t want to put the book down until I knew how it ended.

The characters in this story were distinctive and simplistic, but in a good way. We primarily follow Ash which I think was the best choice as following another character, even Ivy, would have taken away from the story. The story flourished by allowing Ash to take center stage and figure out their way. Ash’s main goal this summer is to tell Ivy about their crush and make the show run perfectly. Those are very simple objectives that I would expect a young teenager to have.

The side characters were all given unique styles and designs that allowed each of them to stand out from the others. Despite minimal interaction with the others, they didn’t feel flat.

Robin Easter did a great job at showing the complicated nature of crushes and the emotions that having such a crush can cause. Even during times when Ash was making poor decisions, it was relatable. They weren’t trying to be cruel just for the sake of being cruel, they were just overwhelmed by their emotions and unsure of how to react. It’s a familiar feeling for a lot of people.

The illustrations in this book were vibrant. They used a multitude of colors to give the characters and the camp life. The drawings were polished and neat looking. The illustrations also did a good job of capturing the emotions in the story whether by using facial expressions or by using the background to showcase additional details Ash wasn’t aware of.

Final Verdict:
UPSTAGED is a simple, but really sweet graphic novel. The casual inclusion of queer and nonbinary campers was a breath of fresh air. The story, while aimed at a middle-grade demographic, can appeal to an older demographic as well. The illustrations allow for an attractive experience where readers will be drawn into the story.

Featuring gorgeous and colorful illustrations as well as a sweet main character, UPSTAGED is a graphic novel not to be missed.
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