The Severed Thread (The Bone Spindle, book 2)

The Severed Thread (The Bone Spindle, book 2)
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February 07, 2023
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Which threads of fate will hold—and which will break?

Clever, bookish Fi and her brash, ax-wielding partner Shane are back in this action-packed sequel to the bestselling The Bone Spindle, the gender-flipped Sleeping Beauty retelling, perfect for fans of Sorcery of Thorns and The Cruel Prince.

Fi has awakened the sleeping prince, but the battle for Andar is far from over. The Spindle Witch, the Witch Hunters, and Fi’s own Butterfly Curse all stand between them and happily ever after.

Shane has her partner’s back. But she’s in for the fight of her life against Red, the right hand of the Spindle Witch who she’s also, foolishly, hellbent on saving.

Briar Rose would do anything to restore his kingdom. But there’s a darkness creeping inside him—a sinister bond to the Spindle Witch he can’t escape.

All hopes of restoring Andar rest on deciphering a mysterious book code, finding the hidden city of the last Witches, and uncovering a secret lost for centuries—one that just might hold the key to the Spindle Witch’s defeat. If they can all survive that long…

Set in a world of twisted fairytales, The Severed Thread combines lost ruins, ride-or-die friendships, and heart-pounding romance.

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Action, Suspense, and Lots of Heart
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This was a good sequel to the Bone Spindle. It had common elements for a second book, the stakes get higher, the heroes face setbacks, and secrets get revealed but all those elements are well done and engaging. Shane is a force to be reckoned with. I love her heart and determination that Red and Fi cannot resist. Shane has found two of the most wounded people with their defenses on high and her personality is just what they need to break open old wounds and start the healing process.
Now that Briar is awake to start living without elders telling him to hold back, he must navigate the dangers of his magic. He wants to win Fi’s heart without the key information he needs to succeed. I am rooting for their love connection to triumph over the many setbacks they face going into the third book.
I continue to love the gender-swapped Sleeping Beauty plus India Jones elements. Who knew they would jive so well to make an exciting and unique story? Leslie Vedder has done an excellent job creating a book with action, suspense, and lots of heart. I look forward to the third book in this trilogy.
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