The Promise

The Promise
Co-Authors / Illustrators
  • Cinzia Battistel
  • Fawzia Gilani-Williams
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September 05, 2023
In a Moroccan village, a Jewish boy and a Muslim boy are best friends. Jacob and Hassan play together every day in the cool shade of Jacob’s family garden. They take care of the garden together, watching the roses and the orange trees grow tall. When news of terrible things happening to Jews in Europe reaches their little village, Jacob’s family must leave Morocco. Hassan promises to care for their beloved garden. “While the garden lives, our friendship will never die,” Jacob says. Years pass until, one day, the prayer of the garden is answered.

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In a village in Morrocco, two boys form a deep and heartfelt friendship across religious lines. One is a devout Muslim and the other a faithful Jew; they both honor their traditions and still have fun together. They come together to care for a garden as their special place to bond. When hate makes it unsafe for the Jewish family to stay, his Muslim friend promises to care for the garden until he can return. The fact that this is based on true events makes the book even more impactful as a symbol of peace and hope for these two faiths that are often in conflict with each other. In a time with so much suffering based on religion, this is a heartfelt book of peace.
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