The Pinchers and the Diamond Heist

The Pinchers and the Diamond Heist
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April 02, 2024
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Theo is good at most things. He can almost count to a thousand, knows several French words, and can operate the washing machine. But he can't lie or steal.

"You must try harder," says his mother sternly.

The Pincher Family love to steal things. It's what they are born for! When his parents leave to visit the diamond exhibition, Theo's heart sinks. After breaking Grandma out of prison (his little sister needs someone to read her bedtime story), Theo sees no alternative but to stop his parents stealing the diamond. His shout of "Stop! Police!" brings them only delight―Theo's lie has shown he is a true Pincher.

A mix of adventure, silliness, and everyday family life, and with bright and funny illustrations, this is a perfect chapter book for beginning and reluctant readers.

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What worked:
The contrast in values between Theo and the rest of his family creates an amusing conflict. Theo cannot lie and gets a stomachache whenever he tries. He refuses to steal and feels stressed when he’s aware of his family’s thieving ways. His parents are crooks, his little sister wants to become a crook, and his grandmother lives in jail for being a crook. Living in that environment forces Theo to frequently deal with opposing emotions. He loves his family but he abhors breaking the law.
The book includes some interesting features that will appeal to emerging and reluctant readers. The opening pages present pictures and descriptions of each main character. Almost every page has a color illustration to enhance the story and help readers visualize the events. After the resolution, the author provides a short quiz to help readers recall important events and they can read the first chapter of the book’s sequel. Some fun pages allow readers to create their criminal names and determine the type of criminals that best fit them. It’s all in fun!
What didn’t work as well:
The synopsis reveals way too much information. The narrator recounts events in the plot but it doesn’t enhance the story with description or character development. Consequently, the book can be read in one sitting or a couple of days for those who need more time.
The final verdict:
The humorous tone and abundant pictures make the story more approachable and young readers will hopefully appreciate Theo’s honesty. This book is a quick read that should appeal to kids learning to read or those without the stamina to read for an extended time.
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