The Liar's Society

The Liar's Society
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February 06, 2024
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Weatherby is a fish out of water. When she lands a scholarship to the prestigious Boston School, she’s excited to be in the same world as her dad, whom she’s never met, and make real friends. But Weatherby has a secret she’ll risk everything to protect, one that could destroy her new life.

Every member of Jack’s wealthy and privileged family has made their mark at the Boston School. Everyone, that is, except for Jack, who is entirely mediocre. He’s desperate to prove his worth to his influential father. But Jack has a secret of his own . . . one with the power to ruin everything.

When the money for their school trip to a private island―exclusive to Boston students―is stolen, Jack and Weatherby are invited to play a high-stakes game and solve the mystery of the missing money. If they win, they’ll be selected to join the oldest, most powerful secret society in the world―and they’ll be Boston royalty forever. If they lose . . . well, they better not lose.

Beloved author Alyson Gerber crafts an unforgettable mystery that asks―are some secrets and lies impossible to overcome?

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What worked:
The story is presented from two distinctly different points of view. The narrative comes through the eyes of Weatherby and Jack as Weatherby tries to adapt to an exclusive, private school in Boston. She earns a scholarship for winning a sailing regatta which really irritates and angers the powerful Hunt family. Jack Hunt’s father is a major donor to the private school and a major influencer. Jack’s not a win-at-all-costs type of person like his father and brother but he still feels family pressure to succeed. His moral values are in stark contrast to the other male members of the Hunt family and help him to make thoughtful, empathetic decisions as the plot moves along.
The world of sailing is not often the main topic in middle-grade novels unless the characters live like Vikings. The first section of the book takes the time to describe some boating vocabulary and the inner workings of the teamwork required to steer using only the wind. Weatherby has a special sense when it comes to reading the weather and water which she uses to predict the most favorable strategies. The book describes how the sails are maneuvered at precisely the right time to make turns and how they can generate speed to complete the course quicker than opponents.
An early internal conflict for Weatherby is a moral one. She’s the only person aware that she inadvertently violates a rule while winning the regatta but she feels compelled to confess her mistake to the race organizers. However, admitting to the violation will automatically lead to the loss of her scholarship. She’s always wanted to be a student at Boston School just like her father, a man she never knew. Should she be honest and lose the scholarship or remain quiet and pursue her dreams? The mystery surrounding the disappearance of Weatherby’s father, the Last Heir’s secret group, and environmental questions found around the lake become the focus of the plot once Weatherby joins the school.
What didn’t work as well:
There’s not much to dislike. The backdrop of sailing may not appeal to a wide audience but it’s less of a focus as the story moves along. The plot moves around to different issues to keep things fresh and the storyline moving forward.
The final verdict:
Readers might not expect a sequel but it’s evitable based on the book’s ending. The mystery and character relationships are dynamic and will keep readers engrossed. Weatherby’s presence at Boston School is the catalyst for change and will lead readers in unexpected directions.
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