The Iron Vow (The Iron Fey: Evenfall, 3)

The Iron Vow (The Iron Fey: Evenfall, 3)
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May 09, 2023
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The extraordinary finale to Julie Kagawa's New York Times and internationally bestselling Iron Fey series is here…and the fate of the Nevernever and all the world hangs in the balance. Join Meghan, Ash, Puck, Grimalkin, and the entire Iron Fey cast for this final epic journey into worlds where imagination knows no boundaries…

After leaping through the portal to Evenfall, Meghan and her companions find themselves in a terrifying new world where Nightmares roam and glamour is nearly nonexistent. As their magic wanes and the creatures of Evenfall rise against them, the race to find the Nightmare King grows ever more desperate. But what they discover—about Evenfall, about the Nightmare King, about themselves—will shake everything they thought they knew to the core.

The Nightmare King stirs. A world hangs in the balance. And as twilight descends upon all the realms of Faery, Meghan and her allies must make one more impossible choice.

Books in The Iron Fey: Evenfall series:

Book 1: The Iron Raven
Book 2:
The Iron Sword
Book 3:
The Iron Vow


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United Fairy is It Possible?
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What I liked:
Division in the NeverNever has always been a hard pill for Megan Chase; married to the ice prince Ash, she only wants a united world. So when Megan and her companions are again pulled into yet another layer of the fairy world, this time to a world of nightmares, she has one goal to save the even fey and unite her world. The Nightmares are creepy, and there is a definite layer of horror overlying the fantasy of the evenfall land. The new characters we encounter, such as the eccentric Gileas from the library, are unique as many of the other fey Kagawa has created in her fey series. The characters in this series are as dear to me as the Shannara books, as each set of books is set within a period and place and has an end goal. Still, the one for this set is bittersweet, as we never know when we will be venturing back to the never, never, if ever.
Final Verdict:
If you have an aversion to horror elements or spiders, then this final book may be a bit much for you, it is in the dark range of the series, but that is to be expected when you travel into a world full of twisted nightmare fey. The ending wraps up on a happy note that will bring you tears if you have been a fan of this series for as long as I have. You're saying goodbye to old friends, but there always be there in the NeverNever, waiting for you.
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