The Demon Sword Asperides

The Demon Sword Asperides
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July 11, 2023
A scheming demon sword and a wannabe knight band together on a (possibly wicked) quest in this fantasy, perfect for fans of Diana Wynne Jones and Terry Pratchett.

For the past two hundred years, the demon sword Asperides has led a quiet life. While his physical form has been tasked with guarding the body of an evil sorcerer, the rest of his consciousness has taken a well-earned vacation. That constant need to trick humans into wielding him (at the price of their very souls, of course) was rather draining.

Nack Furnival, on the other hand, is far from satisfied with his existence. Nack has trained since birth to be a brave and noble knight—but, unfortunately, he isn’t especially good at it. Determined to prove his worth, Nack needs a quest. And to complete that quest, he’ll need the one thing no knight can do without: a sword.

When an attempt to resurrect the evil sorcerer throws Asperides into Nack’s path, the demon sword can’t help but trick the boy into making a contract to become his new owner. And with the newly undead (and very, very angry) sorcerer on their trail, Asperides and Nack find themselves swept up in a bigger adventure than either of them bargained for: saving the world.

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Make way for a newer and so much cooler Howl's Moving Castle, without Howl of course. And Calcifer is a sword. And Sophie is a a young boy named Nack Furnival, who wants to be knight instead of a hatter.

The Demon Sword Asperides by Sarah Jean Horwitz is a middle grade fantasy that follows the dual perspectives of Nack Furnival, a boy aspiring to be a world famous knight, and (you guessed it) the demon sword Asperides. Trying to prove his worth, Nack sets off a quest that will finally prove his worth. But not without a sword, of course. When an attempt to resurrect the evil sorcerer Asperides has been trying to guard goes awry, he is thrown into Nack's path. Thus he has no choice but to make a deal with Nack, in order to save the world from the newly awoke evil sorcerer. No big deal, right.

What I loved most about Horwitz's work is the tone it presents the story in. Most fantasy stories presenting plot lines like these, will set it up to be much darker and grittier. But The Demon Sword Asperides is witty and fun. But still doesn't hold back it's punches with the more darker side of life. And you can't exactly go wrong with the set of characters Horwitz provides. I will forever loved Nack and Asperides, and the only way you'll get to them is by prying them from my cold dead fingers.

I feel like this book is a perfect firs step into fantasy for an reader, big or small. Now if you'll excuse me, I have a great need to track down Horwitz's last book, The Dark Lord Clementine.
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