Tasting Light: Ten Science Fiction Stories To Rewire Your Perceptions

Tasting Light: Ten Science Fiction Stories To Rewire Your Perceptions
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October 11, 2022
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What does the future hold? Ten speculative short stories by leading young-adult authors imagine what the world could be like through the lens of technologies emerging today. When the modification industry transforms how humans look, sound, and interact, a nonbinary teen braves the “reinvention room” to accept a gift from the dead. In an accidental city in space, a young apprentice holds neighborhoods together with braided carbon filaments until distraction and inspiration arrive in the wake of a visitor. Entitlement-fueled drug use alters the landscape of white privilege, robots remember the Earth, and corporate “walkers” stroll for unknown subscribers—until one hacks the system. In tales buzzing with possibility, hope, innovation, anger, and tenderness, Tasting Light offers a dazzling challenge to connect with open minds, hearts, and senses in a fast-changing world.

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Tasting Light
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What worked: Haunting, powerful portrayals where future technology offers not only innovation but hope. This collection of short stories is both insightful and gives a sucker punch with their versions of a future world. So many emotions are sure to arise by reading this collection.

Some of my favorites:

CADENCE by Charlotte Nicole Davis where a nonbinary teen finds not only their voice with a mod, but runs into someone who once had a deep connection with the donor while she was alive.

MELANITIS by Junruda Petrus-Nasah is very insightful with the question of what determines oppression after a procedure goes wrong.

THE MEMORY OF SOIL by Wendy Xu is in graphic novel format and tells the story of a young girl in 2347 and her interaction with an AI and listening to soil.

**And my favorite has to be SMILE RIVER by A.S. King. This story shows the generational push of those to silence women's truth by forcing a surgical procedure on them to always smile and punishing them if they dare to feel. Powerfully written with its message of the cost of those who fight against a system in hopes of saving all.

An insightful glimpse into a future world where new technologies are used to better mankind but also can come at a cost. Each tale will have readers ponder a future world. Totally recommend.
Good Points
1. Haunting portrayals where future technology offers hope and also anger
2. GLBTQ representation
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