Storm The Earth

Storm The Earth
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October 13, 2020
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Maren and her girlfriend Kaia set out to rescue Sev and free the dragons from the corrupt emperor in the explosive finale to the journey that began with the thrilling Shatter the Sky.

Let them burn.

Maren’s world was shattered when her girlfriend, Kaia, was abducted by the Aurati. After a daring rescue, they’ve finally been reunited, but Maren's life is still in pieces: Kaia seems more like a stranger than the lover Maren knew back home; Naava, the mother of all dragons, has retreated into seclusion to recover from her wounds, leaving Maren at a loss on how to set the rest of the dragons free; and worst of all, her friend Sev has been captured by the emperor’s Talons.

As a prisoner of Zefed, Sev finds himself entangled in a treacherous game of court politics. With more people joining the rebellion, whispers of a rogue dragon mistress spreading, and escape seeming less likely with each passing day, Sev knows that it won’t be long before the emperor decides to make an example of him. If he’s to survive, he’ll have to strike first—or hope Maren reaches him in time.

With the final battle for Zefed looming, Maren must set aside her fears, draw upon all she’s learned about her dragon-touched abilities, and face her destiny once and for all. But when the fighting is over and the smoke clears, who will be left standing?

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Fighting for Freedom of all including dragons
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What I Liked:
Political intrigue, additional layers to the world, and dragons Set up the sequel in the Shatter the Sky series with much anticipation. Dragons are what make this duology worth reading. The first book sets us up with the groundwork of Maren's heartmate being stolen from her and her half-brained plan to rescue her. Now Maren knows she possesses the ability to free the dragons from the talon control and to take back her home from the Emperor. In book two, the romance gets murky as Maren is torn between two loves, one she had forever and one she just developed. The development that the romance goes through feels very realistic and on par with a character who grows and comes into her own as Maren did. The story is told in dual perspective; switching between Maren and Sev makes the story move along at a fast clip.
Final Verdict:
Storm the Earth closes the chapter on this duology by following a reluctant hero who ends up leading a rebellion. A word with many layers to be explored, dragon lore truth to be discovered, and political upheaval, this is a fantasy story worth the read.
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