Shock the Monkey (The N.O.A.H. Files 2)

Shock the Monkey (The N.O.A.H. Files 2)
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May 07, 2024
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Noah Prime never expected to wind up a fugitive hunted by aliens.

To be honest, he had never even believed in aliens…until a team of them blew up his house. He escaped—and managed to save the world—by using his mysterious ability to harness the traits of every animal on earth. Now he’s in hiding, and thinks all is well.…

…Until his friend Ogden buys a star for Claire, the most popular girl in school. However, instead of a quaint romantic notion, it turns out to be an actual real estate deal—and aliens from that star system abduct Claire to take her to the nasty, trash-filled planet she now owns.

It’s up to Noah, Sahara, and Ogden to cross the cosmos in search of Claire to save her and her strange new world from the evilest body-snatching worms in the galaxy.
This time it’s going to take a lot more than walrus blubber, cheetah speed, or skunk funk to save the day…it’s going to take friendship of the most extraordinary and extraterrestrial variety.

Critically acclaimed authors Neal Shusterman and Eric Elfman are back with an action-packed, laugh-out-loud sequel to the New York Times bestselling novel I Am the Walrus, perfect for fans of Eoin Colfer and Rick Riordan.

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A wacky adventure into space
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What worked:
Noah can manifest characteristics of all the animals on Earth since his body contains all of their DNA. He can summon the strength of a bear or elephant, swing from trees like a monkey, or escape from danger as a bird. Transforming into various animals adds interest and unpredictability to his character but readers can also learn about these characters. Learning about animals that can secrete poison, change colors and patterns, or survive with little oxygen may be new to young readers. These qualities come in very handy as Noah encounters many dangerous challenges.
The authors utilize a humorous tone throughout the narrative which adds levity to the adventure. Noah’s “sister” Andi is an android character with super intelligence and she’s able to camouflage herself as a suitcase. Conversations between Noah and Andi can become comical. Noah’s friend Ogden is a brainy human but his sense of appropriate behavior and talk needs work. The kids visit a little old lady and end up soaring through space in her house. Aliens kidnap a girl from her pool party after using baby pacifiers to immobilize the adults. A planet’s main problem is that it’s become an intergalactic, toxic waste dump. Finally, Noah’s character can present funny situations when he unexpectedly displays animal traits.
I sometimes get annoyed when authors use multiple settings but these authors effectively separate the main characters. Noah is ejected into an escape pod, Ogden and Sahara ride the house rocket to its end, and Andi is stranded by herself. Noah’s journey allows him to meet another N.O.A.H. and provides more information about their potential futures. This new character has the same ability as Noah but its animals come from another planet. Ogden and Sahara arrive on the planet Claire where they uncover a malevolent scheme. Ogden has a crush on the character Claire and he’s determined to rescue his future girlfriend (even if she doesn’t feel the same way).
What didn’t work as well:
The humor of the book may not appeal to serious readers. The situations and wordplay can get wacky and absurd which some readers don’t appreciate.
The final verdict:
You might want to read the first book to fully understand the backstory of N.O.A.H. Noah’s ability to become different animals is entertaining and educational and the amusing tone of the story keeps things light. Overall, this is a fun book to read and I recommend you give it a shot.
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