Queen of Thieves (The Moonwind Mysteries 2)

Queen of Thieves (The Moonwind Mysteries 2)
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March 05, 2024
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After a merciless winter, spring has sprung in 1880 Stockholm, and the city awaits the arrival of the SS Vega, the first ship to have sailed the Northeast Passage. Life is busy at the orphanage, but twelve-year-old Mika quickly notices that the older orphans are up to something―and it doesn’t look good.

When Constable Hoff approaches her with information about thefts around the city, Mika becomes even more concerned about what the other kids are up to―and what they might be planning for the Vega celebration. The police will have no sympathy for orphans, and she’d hate to see her friends condemned to life in jail.

But Mika soon finds herself in a bind she can’t get out of―one that could condemn her own life. Can Mika uncover who is really behind the thefts in the city and keep her friends safe, without getting caught? Find out in this breathless sequel to The Night Raven.

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Protecting Family
(Updated: November 24, 2023)
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What worked:
Mika is one of the older kids at the orphanage and she helps to oversee the younger boys and girls. This orphanage is a bit different from those in other books as the headmistress doesn’t force kids to stay if they’d rather live on the streets. Also, Mika learned her surname in the last book and the headmistress is angry that she found out. Mika is given a purpose in this book when one of the boys runs away rather than moving in with a foster family. She decides to search for him which leads her to a whole new adventure that could endanger the future of the orphanage. Over the years, some infant orphans, including Mika, have arrived with leather bands and Mika discovers the significance of them. It doesn’t make sense to her but it will be a mysterious thread that connects the whole series together.
The author introduces an uptick in pickpockets that involve kids so Inspector Valdemar once again approaches Mika for help. She proved her detective talents in the first book plus she may be better able to collect information on the streets. Both Mika and Valdemar have shaky reputations with the police force which creates another layer of conflict for the characters. Mika always seems one step away from prison even as she investigates crimes for the authorities. The irony of her situation and her determination to stop criminals make her a remarkable, motivating character.
As with the first book, the story takes a historical look at the desperate lives of orphans and their struggles to realize positive futures. The orphanage does what it can to help them survive but it doesn’t do much to help them advocate for themselves. Mika hasn’t been allowed to attend school and her friend Rufus says he’s learning to join the dangerous world of chimney sweeps. The children always feel like outcasts in public as they’re never welcomed outside of the orphanage. The first book introduced a baby named Nora and Mika has made it her responsibility to care for her. Mika takes it personally when the baby becomes seriously ill which leads her to take drastic steps. Unscrupulous people will take advantage of children with little hope and Mika will do anything to protect her friends.
What didn’t work as well:
The plot doesn’t build to a super suspenseful climax. There is a clear climactic moment but I’m expecting/wanting a little more to it. Mika’s cunning once again resolves the problem but the conflict itself doesn’t generate a lot of tension.
The final verdict:
Mika’s character is thoroughly enjoyable as she wants to do the right thing to protect those she cares about. The plot offers her great temptation to change her circumstances but readers can admire the honor and integrity she possesses. Overall, this is a wonderful story and I recommend you give it a shot.
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