Prince of Song & Sea

Prince of Song & Sea
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October 04, 2022
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For fans of Twisted Tales and Villains is a brand new YA series that retells the classic Disney stories you thought you knew from the Disney Princes' perspectives.

Before Prince Eric’s mother, the Queen of Vellona, went missing two years ago, she reminded him about the details of the deadly curse that has plagued his entire life. The curse? If he were to kiss someone other than his true love, he would die. With a neighboring kingdom looking for any excuse to invade their shores, and rumors of ghost pirates lurking the seas, Eric is desperate for any information that may help him break his enchantment and bring stability to Vellona. The answers he has been searching for come to him in the form of a letter left from his mother that reveals Eric must find his true love, the one with a voice pure of heart,or kill the sea witch responsible for cursing him in the first place. 

Now Eric is on a quest to find the Isle of Serein, the witch's legendary home. But after he is rescued by a mysterious young woman with a mesmerizing singing voice, Eric’s heart becomes torn. Does he enter a battle he is almost certain he cannot win or chase a love that might not even exist? And when a shipwrecked young woman with flaming red hair and a smile that could calm the seven seas enters his life, Eric may discover that true love isn’t something that can be decided by magic.

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PRINCE OF SONG AND SEA is an engaging retelling of The Little Mermaid from the perspective of Prince Eric. Eric was cursed before he was born to die if he kisses anyone other than his true love. This has made the politics of marriage difficult, and though his advisors would like to craft a union with neighboring kingdoms or nobility, he cannot risk getting too close to anyone. The only way to break the curse would be to destroy the witch who placed it.

Before his mother disappeared, she left a clue about where the witch is located, and he travels with his friends to find her. However, their journey is dangerous and their ship is wrecked. This wreck is where he is saved by Ariel, and he feels a connection with her that leads him to believe she might be his true love. However, she disappears before he can even be sure of what he saw. When she washes up on shore the next day, she is unable to talk and he thinks she could not be the one who saved him.

As the story continues according to the movie we all know, Eric gets to know Ariel more while also worrying about the curse that threatens his life.

What I loved: This was such an engaging retelling of the story that breathes new life into it. The characters really come to life in the telling, and Eric in particular becomes more complex as he struggles with his curse and ruling his kingdom. The story is a little darker than the original, particularly with the Blood Tide and the arrival of ghosts cursed by the sea witch. These ghosts function like sirens trying to make bargains with the living ships by using the voices and appearances of their loved ones. These darker elements make it a really compelling read.

The story really adds a lot to the original, and it was great to have some new characters for additional context in this world. Eric has some close friends and advisors that really help to flesh out the story as well as the pirates they meet on their journey. These characters were really compelling, and although Ariel takes a backseat, readers will recognize her story throughout as well.

Final verdict: With ghosts, pirates, and an evil witch, PRINCE OF SONG AND SEA delivers an enthralling and darker retelling of The Little Mermaid from Eric's perspective. Highly recommend for people who love reading twists on Disney classics.
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