Never Trust A Gemini

Never Trust A Gemini
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May 09, 2023
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Cat Phillips has her head in the stars, but her romantic fantasies may ruin her shot at real-life love in this sweet and funny lesbian story.
It’s Libra Season, and Cat Phillips is ready to run headfirst into love. The only problem is that her crush is on her best friend, Alison Bridgewater, who is more interested in chatting with boys. Maybe Cat should take this as a sign to get over Alison, even if that means dating the musically challenged Jamie Owusu. After all, a new boyfriend is the best cleanse, at least according to Cat’s friends. Unfortunately, having a boyfriend is a lot harder than Cat expected. And then Morgan Delaney swoops in with her green glasses, enigmatic smile, and talent for teasing Cat in ways that make her feel überlicious. But Morgan is a Gemini, and there’s no way that’s in Cat’s horoscope. Will Cat finally get the girl of her dreams? Or is there a chance there’s more to life than Alison Bridgewater? The stars align for the cast of this energetic romp full of comedic misunderstandings and sparkling language.

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An LGBTQ Romance
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Cat is a 14-year-old girl with a major crush on her best friend. There is just one problem: her very popular, very homophobic group of best friends doesn't know she is lesbian. This makes for an interesting storyline as she dates one of her guy friends and confirms she does not like boys. When she meets Morgan, things get even more confusing. Despite liking Morgan, Cat still has some conflicted feelings for her friend Alison, which adds some drama to the story.

What I Liked: This was a coming-of-age story. Cat is still discovering who she is as a person. Initially, she comes across as a shallow, silly girl, but as the story unfolds, you see her grow and become more confident in her sexuality. There is a sub-storyline of bullying that I felt was equally important. Sibhohan, the ringleader of Cat's very popular girl group, is the ultimate bully even destroying a girls phone. There is something cringe-worthy about the bullying, but what makes it worse is that all these girls who are friends with Sibohan are just watching it. They don't call Sibohan out for her bad behavior. In pointing out to Cat that she is contributing to the bullying by doing nothing, Morgan plants a seed of thought. Sibohan's bad behavior is called out at the end of the book, a lesson that all teens need to learn.

What Left Me Wanting More: Cat's friend group was hard to like and I think that was what the author was aiming for. They were written as mean girls, but this felt like a really bad portrayal. I just couldn't find any redeeming qualities in them and so even though Sibohan changes slightly towards the end of the book I felt indifferent to her.

Never Trust a Gemini is a coming-of-age story filled with some humorous scenes as Cat navigates high school and figures out her romantic life while consulting her trusty horoscopes.

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