I Really Want a Bigger Piece: A Really Bird Story

I Really Want a Bigger Piece: A Really Bird Story
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  • Travis Foster
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Red Comet Press
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April 12, 2022
Meet Really Bird, a small bird who lives in a large city park with his friends Cat, Pup, Mouse, and Rabbit. In each story, Really Bird finds himself really wanting something – to be bigger, to have his fair share, or to be the leader – to be really silly, funny, strong, cool, happy, or brave. And when he feels something, he really feels it.

Each story is an entertaining, character-driven narrative based on relatable social/emotional themes, delivered with surprise twists, high drama, and comic timing. Along the way, lessons are learned about qualities such as teamwork and compassion. The emphasis is on character growth and development through creative problem-solving. Friendship and emotional engagement are at the heart of every story.

In I Really Want a Bigger Piece, Really Bird is offered the smallest piece of blueberry pie by his bigger best friends, Cat and Pup. He is really hungry and wants a bigger piece! Really Bird and his pals manage to navigate the oh-so-familiar desire for MORE.

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I REALLY WANT A BIGGER PIECE is a cute Really Bird story about sharing. Really Bird, Cat, and Pup are having a pie picnic with a yummy, homemade blueberry pie. After disagreeing about who will cut the pie, Pup does the honors - but no one except Pup is happy with their piece. Pup must fix them and find a way to solve the problem.

What I loved: The cartoonish illustrations are really fun, and the text on each page is very brief, which will work well for early readers. The characters are simple, and the feeling of wanting more will resonate with young children. The end of the story includes some questions to help readers think about these issues and brainstorm the ways they have experienced something similar.

What left me wanting more: The message here is a bit tough to get behind, with Cat and Bird demanding Pup solve the problem by fixing their piece or giving more. I feel like a better message would have been around all three of them working together to come to a solution or finding a way to appreciate what they do have.

Final verdict: Colorful illustrations and cute characters make I REALLY WANT A BIGGER PIECE an entertaining graphic story, though the message around sharing is a bit convoluted and may need additional discussion.
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