Hooky Volume 3 (Hooky 3)

Hooky Volume 3 (Hooky 3)
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September 05, 2023
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Reeling from three years of anti-magic rule under the king—and three years disconnected from twin witches Dani and Dorian—Princess Monica, Nico, Damien, and Prince William know that it is now their responsibility to save the kingdom, and their friends, before darkness prevails.

Determined to uncover the circumstances of Dorian’s disappearance and rescue reigning Queen of the Witches Dani from her mysterious curse, the group comes together for one final, epic adventure. On a mission that takes them across the kingdom, friendships are tested, romances bloom, and the past holds the key to their future.

Dorian, Dani, and all the witches and non-magical people of the kingdom must decide once and for all: Who will they be, and will they use their power and influence for good?

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What worked:
The underlying conflict throughout the series is an ongoing clash between witches and non-magical people. The previous king persecuted and killed witches so some of the survivors are bent on revenge. These feelings of prejudice drive the conflict and this book begins to introduce compassion and understanding for those who are different. The new, young king and queen want to make witches accepted but they aren’t sure of the best way to implement the change. Fear and anger are difficult emotions to transform in citizens from both sides, especially after the many years of violence and malice promoted by the previous rulers. Obviously, clashes and prejudice between different social groups are applicable to readers’ lives and will help them make connections to the story and characters.
The plot reads like a soap opera with subplots and dramatic twists. Dorian is a witch and is presumed dead from the previous book but some of his friends are convinced he’s still alive. His twin sister Dani isn’t acting like herself and her magic is becoming more powerful and frightening. She’s actually being controlled by another creature although it takes a while before anyone suspects the truth. A third sibling named Damien feels guilt for leaving his brother and sister with their evil parents. He’s also trying to understand his sexuality when a friend, the new king, expresses an attraction toward him. Then, the new queen is forced to deal with her dormant love for Dorian, the boy she thought had been dead for the past three years.
Graphic novels generally include fewer words but this book has a good deal of dialogue. The pages are full of colorful illustrations with darker shades used when the scenes become more mysterious or evil. Dani’s fluctuating moments of creepiness and confusion are artfully captured in the pictures. The text font changes to show when characters are speaking and when they’re thinking the words. The book doesn’t have any narration to explain what’s happening so the entire story is communicated using graphics and voice bubbles.
What didn’t work as well:
This book jumps right in where the previous book left off as it begins with chapter 58. There are many characters to remember and the plot frequently shifts with flashbacks and setting changes. The transitions aren’t always clear and readers are often expected to remember characters by sight. These concerns lessen as the story moves along but readers may feel lost if they haven’t read the previous books.
The final verdict:
I admit that I started this series by reading the second book and the confusion I experienced didn’t work. However, this book is easier to follow and brings the conflict between witches and non-magical folks to an end. The complicated relationships between characters are the highlights of the book and they are also eventually resolved. Give this series a shot.
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