Extra Ezra Makes an Extra-Special Friend

Extra Ezra Makes an Extra-Special Friend
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March 22, 2022
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Perfect for fans of Julian Is a Mermaid, this picture book is about a child named Ezra who does everything a little bit extra. But that doesn’t work out so well when a new girl comes to school and his efforts to make friends go over-the-top awry! 
Ezra always lets his light shine bright—extra bright. And he always makes an extra effort when it comes to the people he loves. So when Ezra meets Jane, the new girl at school, he’s ready to do whatever it takes—and more—to be her friend.

He offers her a sparkly cupcake and colorful balloons, and he even writes a flashy song. But Jane doesn’t seem to notice. Ezra is confused—everyone usually loves his gifts! After his failed attempts, Ezra realizes he must ask himself what it truly means to be a good friend.

This book will teach readers the importance of respecting boundaries and open communication in friendships, and it will inspire everyone to celebrate their differences!

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EXTRA EZRA MAKES AN EXTRA-SPECIAL FRIEND is a cute picture book about making friends and being considerate. Ezra is a bit extra, and he loves to go above and beyond for the people he cares about. When a new girl named Jane comes to school, Ezra likes her style and thinks they will be good friends. However, Jane does not seem to notice any of the extra things he is doing to be her friend. Finally, she asks him to be quiet, as she is missing her grandmother and wants to think in quiet.

Ezra is confused and speaks with his mother, who assures him that it is okay to accommodate others' needs and that it is okay if someone does not want to be his friend. Ezra decides to be quiet with Jane, and they are soon friends. One day, she is extra happy - her grandmother is coming to visit! Ezra and Jane do a happy dance, and he even learns some new moves from his new friend.

What I loved: This was an interesting picture book that speaks to making friends and challenges in getting to know someone new. The messages about understanding what other people want or need are really helpful, as well as the message that it is okay if not everyone wants to be your friend. Ezra finds a way to meet Jane where she is, and their friendship is the better for it. Of course, he is still extra - just extra-quiet in this case. This is a helpful story for young readers who are learning how to make friends and will be relatable as they are learning that different people need different things in a friendship - and that not being friends can be okay too.

The illustrations are whimsical and unique, capturing Extra Ezra perfectly. There are some unique and intriguing details throughout, such as the balloons whose faces capture Ezra's moods, changing from smiles to frowns. The length of the story will work well for preschoolers and young elementary school aged readers who are also at the right age for making new friendships.

Final verdict: A cute picture book about making friends, EXTRA EZRA MAKES AN EXTRA-SPECIAL FRIEND is a relatable story about friendship and meeting someone where they are.
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