Enchanted Mist (Star Friends, #10)

Enchanted Mist (Star Friends, #10)
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March 05, 2024
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In this newest installment of the Star Friends series, Mia, Lexi, Violet, and Sita are excited for the activities that their teachers have planned for the end of the school year. But when strange things start happening, the Star Friends know they need to investigate! With black-and-white illustrations throughout.

Mia, Lexi, Violet, and Sita are excited about all of the upcoming events to celebrate the end of the school year. Everyone has had a great year except for a new girl named Maddie. She hasn’t made any friends yet and wishes she were popular. But then suddenly, everyone wants to be her friend. The Star Friends suspect that magic is at play—and could Maddie be behind it all? With black-and-white illustrations throughout.

In the Star Friends chapter book series, Mia and her friends Lexi, Sita, and Violet all discover that they are Star Friends -- they can communicate with the animals that have traveled from the Star World. The animals show the girls how to use their unique magic abilities to do good. A whole world of magical adventures awaits!

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engaging story about friendship and belonging
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ENCHANTED MIST is a charming chapter book about friendship, magic, and a desire to fit in. The tenth book in a series, this story begins with some processing of the previous book as well as a recap of the important information. Four girls have special animal companions making them Star Friends and magical powers called Star Magic that gives them each a special magical ability.

Told from Mia's point-of-view, the girls have learned that there is a Star Friend in the area with a Star Otter. They want to friend this person and help them to learn about Star Magic, but they are not sure who it is. A new girl in school seems like she could be the Star Friend, but they are having trouble feeling her out. Even Mia's magical glimpses and dreams do not show her who this person is.

When strange things begin happening around the new student, Maddie, the girls decide they need to investigate further to see if she could be the Star Friend and help with any magical origins to the strange happenings.

What I loved: This is such an interesting premise that combines magic with being a kid and worrying about friendships, school, and doing the right thing. As a new student, Maddie is having trouble fitting in - or, so it seemed, until she became the most popular girl in school. What she and they will learn is that there is also a downside to this popularity. The girls will need to use a lot of problem-solving, and a bit of magic, to figure out what is going on.

Friendship is a big theme here, not only in between the girls and their animals, but also about its importance in the school community and for others to feel like they fit in. Maddie has been struggling with making friends, and this is what leads to the strange happenings later. These are themes that will resonate with young readers and give a story that they can connect with. The mystery of who the Star Friend is and what is happening also keeps the book moving and readers hooked.

This is an advanced chapter book with long chapters, small illustrations every few page spreads, and more complex sentence structure. This will work best for confident independent readers with themes that will connect with kids who are nearly ready for middle grade - but not quite fully there yet. The illustrations are great, really capturing the characters and action of the story throughout.

What left me wanting more: The book includes a lot of details and descriptions that can make it feel a bit slow, particularly at first and among fans who have followed the stories. That being said, the mystery begins a little around halfway and makes the rest of the story move quickly.

Final verdict: ENCHANTED MIST is an exciting new installment in the Star Friends series for advanced chapter book readers. Powerful themes around friendship and belonging will make this a story that elementary school aged readers can connect with.
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