Beach Paws (Good Dog #12)

Beach Paws (Good Dog #12)
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May 07, 2024
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In this sunny twelfth book of the Good Dog series, Bo’s first-ever beach trip comes to a halt when he stumbles upon a lost pup!

Bo is ready to get his paws into the soft sand at the beach! With his human family by his side and the refreshing waves, it’s looking like the ultimate day of fun in the sun. But when a lost pup wanders into Bo’s path, Bo quickly puts a hold on beach time to lend a helping paw.

With easy-to-read language and illustrations on almost every page, the Good Dog chapter books are perfect for emerging readers.

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Frolick on a Dog Beach
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Bo's humans are getting in the noisy, scary car and heading to the Beach! The cats give Bo a little overview of what to expect from the outing, and Bo finds that with a cozy bed in the car and frequent treats, it's not a bad trip. The shoreline is a novel experience, but Imani and Wyatt have brought Bo to a DOG beach, so he can frolic in the sun and sand off his leash. It's a weird feeling, but other dogs assure him that he will eventually get his "beach paws" and not mind the sand. When Bo finds a lost dog, Otto, he is determined to help him find his humans. This leads to a bit of an adventure. The dogs must avoid sea gulls, which they do with the help of some hermit crabs. The crabs have found Otto's collar, and this helps to find Otto's family. After an exciting day, Bo finds that he hasn't had time to think much about what the ground feels like, and his "beach paws" are fully developed!
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This is such a fun series, and this volume is the perfect summer beach read. Just be careful; I know my children would have wanted to go find a dog beach near us so that we could visit, and would have been disappointed. We do have a brief glance at Bo's farm, and the car ride takes the family past many other rural areas before getting to a beach with palm trees.

Bo is a good problem solver, and is unfailingly kind, which is completely in character for just about any dog. He rushes immediately to Otto's side, and reassures the dog that he will help. We never see much of the family, but do get a glimpse of them occasionally. At the end, Bo's small humans and Otto's owner play together, which is nice to see.

The illustrations are a huge draw in this series; for an early chapter book, they help support the text, and help give a sense of place.

The reading level and size of text of this series is similar to Dillard's Mouse Scouts or Messner's Fergus and Zeke, and will be a big hit with readers who either love their own dog or would desperately want one. Pair with Winston's Wednesday and Woof or Butler's Dear Beast or Kayla and King.
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