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This book is an adventure in cultural differences and magic.
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What I loved. This Woven Kingdom is written with such detail that you want to keep reading from the first page to the last that you don't put the book down until the final heart-wrenching words. So engaging is the book. I read it in one day, and that is not easy for a 512-page book. The author has a way of painting the scenes, so you feel your right in the story watching as it unfolds in your mind. The war between Jinn and Clay has many twists and turns, and the characters have many layers that you keep engaged and guessing the whole time.

What Left Me Wanting More: I wanted more of the backstory between the Jinn and Clay. Clay is the humans in this story, and Jinn is those with unique abilities, and though a sort of peace reigns between Clay and the Jinn, they are the lowest of the lower class. Their power is also bound unless in war or defense of a Clay. I felt so much for the Jinn in this story, as they are considered lesser than the clay but more powerful. The Prince is quite a unique character, and you can tell he wants so much to change the way his future kingdom is and fears for the loss of his grandfather if the predictions for the future come to pass.

The Final Verdict: This story does not hold back in the levels of emotions it draws from the readers as we are emersed in the story. The twists and turns kept me reading tell I got to the cliffhanger. Yes, they're one of those, so much so that I kept trying to flip the pages in my kindle, but there were no more pages. It is a delight to read and does not disappoint in the least.
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